Deep Fryer Instructions Outdoor Use Only

A $100.00 cleaning charge will apply to each unit that has NOT REMOVED the cooking oil.

Tools Needed:

  • Crescent wrench – tightening connections
  • Bottle of soapy water (small pail will also work) – fitting and connection testing
  • Fire Extingquisher – we recommend having a fire extingquisher when using the outdoor BBQ's.
    For an additional cost Good Time Party Rentals rents Fire Extinguishers.

Operating Tips:

  • Open front door turn temperature control to off
  • Position propane tank for connection ensuring the propane tank is in an upright position and connecting hose is not bent or kinked
  • Connect propane tank to DEEP FRYER tightening hose with a wrench
  • Turn propane tank on turning left
  • Test with soapy water all fittings and connections of h propane to ensure all connections are fastened tightly and fee of leaks. Pour soapy water over all fittings and connections if it bubbles the fitting and connections need tightening. If no bubbling occurs everything is connected correctly. THIS MUST BE DONE BEFOE STARTING AND OPERATING THE DEEP FRYER.
  • If there are NO LEAKS you are ready to fill the oil pan/tank
  • Ensure that the drain valve is completely closed to the oil pan and that there is no residual moisture in the oil pan/tank
  • Fill the oil pan/tank with liquid cooking oil, you may fill the tank to the OIL LEVEL mark or slightly below this nominal level mark: the cooking oil will expand slightly when it heats up, raising the level slightly


If pilot extinguishes, wait 5 minutes before attempting to relight the pilot to allow any built up gas to dissipate.

  • Open gas supply valves to appliance
  • Turn the thermostat control knob counter clockwise to the OFF position
  • Turn the gas valve knob counter clockwise to the PILOT position. Push knob in and hold a flame to the pilot until the pilot ignites: this may take a little while the first time you lit the pilot because of the air in the lines. Once lit, hold the knob in the approximately one minute and then release
  • If the pilot goes out, wait 5 minutes and repeat the above step
  • Once a pilot flame has been established, turn the gas valve knob counter clockwise to the ON position.
  • Set the thermostat control knob to the desired temperature setting, the main burners will ignite and be controlled by the thermostat.
  • When cooking is complete turn the propane off from the tank turning the knob to the right
  • Turn of burner control
  • When DEEP FRYER has cooled down drain cooking oil from oil pan/tank and discard accordingly. Cooking oil NOT EMPTIED will be charged a $100.00 cleaning and disposable fee.
  • Disconnect propane from DEEP FRYER

If you have any questions or concerns please call 403-291-0686.