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Terms and Conditions of Rental:


Prices are based on a one-day use. All prices are subject to change without notice. All rentals are subject to availability upon the time of booking.


A deposit is required upon booking. Any remaining balance is due 2-3 days prior to delivery or at the time of customer pick up. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Debit, Cheque, Money Order, and Cash.

Security Deposit:

A credit card number and signature of the cardholder is required for loss or damage of equipment, if any may occur, without this the rentals will not be released.



For Tent Rentals: 50% deposit is required to book all tents; deposit will be refunded only if a tent is cancelled 30 or more days prior to the delivery date, excluding Stampede Week.

Stampede Week Tent Rentals: 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to book all tents.

For Equipment Rentals: Deposit will be refunded only if the equipment is cancelled 10 or more days prior to delivery or customer pick up date, excluding Stampede Week.

Stampede Week Rentals: 50% NONREFUNDABLE deposit is required to book all equipment.

Delivery and Pick Up:

For your convenience, we have Delivery and Pick Up services. Call for pricing. Delivery and Pick Up is based on 9am–5pm and ground level access. 

Additional charges will apply for specific times on Deliveries and Pick-Ups, Stairs, Elevators or if items need to be carted more than minimal distances. This policy applies to all equipment including tents. 

After Hours Delivery and Pick-ups: Have an additional fee, call for pricing.

Out of Town: The fee is based on mileage calculated, pending location, and crew required. Call for pricing.


Customer is responsible for any and all permits which must be required. Each Municipal District has different bylaws. Contact the Municipal District that your function will be held in for permit and bylaw information.

This service is NOT INCLUDED in the rental price, this is an additional fee, please call for pricing.

Utility Locates: 

The customer will be responsible for assuring that all sprinkler, telephone, gas, power, as well as any other underground lines or obstructions, are clearly marked prior to the setup and will take full responsibility for any damage, repair, or liability to any such items however caused unless the tents are weighted which is then not applicable. Please contact Alberta One Call at 1-800-242-3447 in advance to arrange. Some services such as underground sprinkler, privately installed power lines, light standards, parking lot electrical, and secondary lines are not marked by Alberta One Call therefore may require an outside secondary Utility Locator company to mark these services. 

This service is NOT INCLUDED in the rental price, this is an additional fee, please call for pricing.

Shipping and Returns:

Shipping:  All equipment received should be inspected by the customer before acceptance. Please inspect all products to ensure no damage was done during transportation. Damaged rentals must be reported to the office within 24 hours of receipt of rentals.

Returns:  The customer is responsible for packing rental equipment in the crates and cartons they were received in. All dishes are to be returned rinsed and packed in original containers, un-rinsed dishes are subject to a $2.25 per dozen cleaning charge. This charge will be charged to the credit card number on file. The customer is responsible for having all rentals together, packaged in original crates and cartons ready for scheduled pick up time; failure to do so will be subject to labour and/or addition pick up charges.

Damage Protection Option: A 10% damage protection charge will automatically be added to your contract (unless declined).

Damage protection will cover either the first $100.00 of broken or damaged equipment and 50% of any additional damage or breakage. The remaining 50% will be the customer’s responsibility. If the damage protection is declined. The customer is responsible of the full cost of replacement, and/or fixing of the equipment.

The Damage Protection option is not insurance and does not cover the following:
• Rental items not returned;
• Theft;
• Damage resulting from vandalism;
• Damage resulting from failure to secure rental items during transport, overloading, or exceeding the rated capacity of the rental items;
• Damage to motors or other electronic appliances or devices caused by artificial current;
• Any damage resulting from overturning;
• Any damage resulting from the use of the rental items in violation of any provision of this agreement of violation of the law, ordinance, or regulation;
• Any damage due to weather;
• Any damage to third-party sub rental items or specialty linens.

The customer shall also be responsible for the maintenance and storage of the equipment during the rental period and any layover period and agrees to pay Company the cost of all damages to the equipment, reasonable wear and tear excepted. It is agreed that the customer accepts the full liability for damage from snow or sleet to tents, in the event the customer does not provide adequate personnel to prevent the tents from accumulating damaging snow loads. It is intent of the parties that the equipment is returned to the Company at the end of this agreement in the same condition as equipment was at the start of the agreement. Customer shall not abuse, harm, or misuse the equipment. Customer shall not permit any repairs to be made or lien to be placed upon the equipment without the Company’s consent. In event of any accidents or incident causing bodily injury or property damage as a result of the use of, or the renting of the Company’s equipment, the customer agrees to accept full responsibility and shall indemnify and save harmless the company arising from any actions, claims, suits, or judgments which may arise against the Company. The customer further agrees to pay all legal costs incurred by the Company in defending any such action, claim, suit, or demand. The customer agrees to provide a full written report on any incident or accident including the names and addresses of witnesses. In case of loss or destruction of any part of the equipment, or of loss of possession thereof, or inability to return the same to Company, on the expiration and due date, for any reason whatsoever, customer shall pay company the actual replacement cost thereof, and addition thereto company’s loss of use of said equipment. In the event, the Company agrees to accept delivery of the equipment at a place other than the place of business or residence of the customer it is agreed that the customer shall remain liable for any loss or damage to the equipment until the Company takes actual physical possession of the equipment. It is a condition of this agreement that before set-up takes place, the customer shall have All Risk Insurance along with adequate General Tenants Legal Liability Insurance in the form satisfactory of the Company.

In the event of inability of the Company to supply or install the equipment to the customer due to any circumstance beyond the control of the Company, it is agreed that the Company’s maximum liability shall be for the return of any deposit and/or prepaid rental fees only. The Company shall not be responsible for any further damages or lost revenue incurred by the customer or any other persons, due to the inability of the Company to supply the above-mentioned equipment.

It is understood and agreed that this equipment is for rental only, and all equipment and materials, which are the subject of this agreement, are the property of the company.

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