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13" x 108" Majestic Satin

ea. $8.00

13" x 108" Majestic Satin

Assorted Colours Available:
Majestic Black
Majestic Blush *New*
Majestic Camel
Majestic Chocolate
Majestic Cobalt Blue
Majestic Coral
Majestic Emerald
Majestic Gold
Majestic Hunter Green *New*
Majestic Light Blue
Majestic Lilac
Majestic Lime
Majestic Navy
Majestic Orange
Majestic Pewter
Majestic Pink
Majestic Purple
Majestic Raspberry
Majestic Red
Majestic Royal Blue
Majestic Sage *New*
Majestic Turquoise
Majestic Watermelon
Majestic White
Majestic Yellow
Organza Maroon
Organza White
Pintuck Coral
Striped Aubergine

Please note all items are rented individually

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